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Please go to Amazon/Books to gain access to "Unheared Voices, Journal of a Psychiatric Nurse by Liz Otterbein"

In this book Liz Otterbein shines a light on a world behind the locked doors of a psychiatric hospital. For 14 years, after her 12 hour shifts, she wrote notes to empty her conscience. Now sharing 29 typical episodes plus her final one, from her day book, she hopes to give back humanity to people who can so easily be labeled and so often not heard.

As a registered nurse, Liz was a formal trainer in non violent communication, beginning in France where she had studied communication and photography at the University of Paris VIII. In Switzerland she managed a geriatric psychiatric unit that used music and dancing to enhance their treatment. Later in California she worked in an adolescent unit where high take-downs were the norm and music was not allowed. During the last 14 years she worked in an acute psychiatric unit in Southern California.

As an aside, she lead communication workshops both here and abroad and created a middle school curriculum to explore the act of bullying.