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Driven by an enormous desire to demonstrate her worth as an individual independent from her materially ambitious parents, Sharon prematurely finds her way into the university by altering her birth date. Through scholastic achievement she qualifies for her MA degree a year early, freeing her to hone her reporting skills as editor of the university student newspaper while freelancing at the leading English newspaper in South Africa.

Well-endowed with good looks and sex appeal, Sharon fends off romantic pretenders by the dozen, without finding a kindred spirit worthy of her affection. Then she discovers Theo Valkenburg, an Afrikaner with a Dutch Reform background in the far left leaning Student Representative Council.

Using her media skills she begins supporting Theo's struggle against the wartime fascists, who had clandestinely infiltrated the security forces of the country. As they expose more infiltrators at progressively senior levels, danger escalates and culminates in the kidnapping of his great love, Teresa.

Sharon is actively drawn into liberating Teresa with much involvement of the country's Civil Investigation Division as well as American Intelligence. As Theo's passion for Teresa reveals itself, her near-term hopes for a romantic relationship with him are dashed.

Still smitten, she continues her journalistic support of Theo whom she christens "Valkie" to abreviate Valkenburg and falls prey to an assassination attempt on the Bushvelt farm of his family. Valkie shoots the assassin and together they arrest his two accomplices, much to the embarrassment of the Government, which sends Theo into exile.

A corrupt magistrate releases the two accomplices who promptly sail to England, intent on killing Valkie upon his arrival in Southampton, but as previously planned, he transfers to a New York bound French ocean liner outside the three mile limit and they attack a fellow-traveler carrying his letters to mail from England. They are apprehended and the ensuing court case draws international attention as Sharon uses the London Times to broadcast the full meaning of the incident by testifying against them in the Southampton court.

Seeking safety and still hoping for his love, Sharon joins Valkie in Holland and follows him to Montreal. To continue her journalistic career she undertakes an assignment from the London Times to discover why Otto Strasser, one of the founders of the German National Socialist Party (NAZI), which was later hijacked by Adolf Hitler, is still held under house arrest in Nova Scotia.

The shocking discovery of a sinister cabal of Communists, manipulating the American government to keep him in custody, exposes her and Valkie to a new round of terror. Their comradeship deepens into a total commitment in spite of their dueling personalities and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Valkie marries Sharon who cons his Dutch Reform parents into lovingly accepting her in spite of her Israeli-Jewish background.

To properly interview Otto Strasser, Valkie uses his influence with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to bring Strasser to a lodge near Mont Tremblant. To keep their conversations strictly private Sharon and Strasser only talk to each other outdoors on hiking trails. Valkie learns that the lodge has been infiltrated by Communist Union members of the Longshoremen from Halifax and prevails on the RCMP to fly with him to interdict them from a position in the woods above the lodge.

When Strasser and Sharon emerge from the lodge three Communist rifle men become visible on a ledge below their position and Theo opens fire with the sniper rifle loaned to him by the RCMP to take out the gunman closest to the Lodge. The second gunman fires his assault rifle at Theo hitting him in his right leg before the nearest RCMP officer takes him out. The third gunman fires at Strasser and mortally wounds Sharon. She dies, badly injured in the arms of her beloved Valkie in the Saint Jovite hospital, leaving him mortified by the loss of his Sharon.