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Sex and Sadism is about an erotic situation brought about when highly acclaimed architect, Dan Johnson, is lured into providing sexual favors built into his bid to design the planned expansion of the Las Vegas convention center. On his flight from Columbus, he encounters Monica, a beautiful young woman deathly afraid of flying, trying to flee a nasty domestic situation for something better in Las Vegas. She was obviously destitute and Dan offers her safe haven in his Hilton Hotel suite. She confesses that her husband had forced her into prostitution, and when Dan brings up his dilemma, she tries to seduce him. While her approach is based on oral sex, he takes the initiative and makes love to her in ways she had never experienced. She becomes enamored with him and suggests having him be her master as well his courtesan focused on seducing his most important clients.

Finding her almost impossible to resist, he sets out with her to buy enticing outfits appropriate to being his "Marketing Assistant" assigned to address the sexual desires of John Meeker, the officer in charge of the convention center expansion project. During her first encounter with Dan´s client, she takes the initiative and negotiates a service fee for her services amounting to as much as a ten percent override on Dan´s proposed contract, instantly turning her into one of Las Vegas´ most expensive call girls. During her first bizarre encounter with Meeker, he offers her an extra off-the-record opportunity to spend a day with him and his late-teen son on their sailboat on Lake Mead. To soften the blow of this additional commitment, she suggests that Dan consider visiting John´s wife the same day at their North Vegas estate. Not having the faintest idea how hospitable his wife, Veronica, would likely be, they are shocked to find Dan and her still entangled in an outrageous sexual tryst when Monica, John and his son arrive home.

To appease Dan, Monica invites him to join her on a raft trip upstream of Lake Mead down the Colorado River. Upon entering a large rapid they are thrown out of the raft and they each wind up topless in the arms of someone else; she in the arms of a handsome divorce lawyer and he in the company of an imposing middle-age woman from Cincinnati. Monica invites them back to their quarters at the Hilton, hoping to enjoy their company. She pursues the attractive young lawyer leaving Dan free to accept the overtures of the beautiful mature woman from an engineering career at General Electric. To his surprise, she is naturally smitten with him and Dan hires her as a technical assistant.

Their next conquest was to gain the full support of Tony Patullio, the CEO at the New York, New York Casino where Dan´s Canadian client, Cirgue de Soleil´s risque show, Zumanity, was soon to open. Dan didn´t trust him and knew that he was harboring duplicit operators unfavorably disposed to his Montreal client. They decide to use the same formula on Patullio, only to discover that to please him he expects Monica to also have sex with Joe Green, his thinly disguised bondage expert with a torture facility in the basement of the casino. Green captivates Monica with his highly developed methods of drawing intense pleasures from women.

Already enslaved in Green´s clutches, they find Morgan who once was the equestrian show designer for Cavalia´s first ballet on horseback, staged on the beach in Santa Monica. Dan uses his influence in Montreal to force Pattullio to hand over her enslavement agreement to him and he returns her to her former position, now focused on a more complex horse ballet called Odysseo. She transfers her affection to Dan who focuses on liberating her from her bondage to Green.

Thus ends the first book of the Trilogy, Sex & Love.