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Sex and Love, transfers the center of activity increasingly to Columbus and leaves the management of Dan´s Las Vegas office to ,Veronica, the abandoned wife of John Meeker, who became enamored with Dan.

Monica disappears and Dan finds her sedated and tied to an elevated platform in Green´s torture lab. He rescues her, finding her injured and traumatized. He promptly cancels all her call-girl obligations and as she recovers, sets her up to train the actors in Zumanity to behave as if they were having sex without actually doing so. Monica and her lover, Robert, make high definition videos involving actual intercourse in various compelling ways as instructional aids for the actors and in limited cases to actually have intercourse with selected actors.

Word gets out that a Sheikh from Abu Dhabi has bid five million dollars to acquire Monica for his harem in the Arab Emirates. Joe Green shows up at the rehearsal studio to physically claim Monica. To Robert´s surprise she falls into his arms and encourages him to make love to her. Furious and disappointed Robert strikes Green with a baseball bat to the left-hand side of his cranium, killing him. Quietly in the night they dump his body in a trash container on the poor side of town. Dan orders them to leave Vegas and to disappear in the vicinity of Yellowstone park until further notice.

Operations in Columbus under the management of Dan´s favorite woman, Donna, expand rapidly in new directions and she takes the initiative to marry Dan, recognizing that he attracts and would maintain close relationships with other important women in his professional life to bear him children.

An important new event is the Cavalia division of Cirque de Soleil setting out to develop a more advanced equestrian show named "Odysseo" that packs much more action into a shorter timeframe. Donna contracts with highly regarded dressage trainer, Jennifer Roth, to help the Canadian company overcome its vexing Odysseo timing problems. Dan discovers that Jennifer is the product of a broken relationship with another dressage rider earlier in her life, and using her French language ability, she takes a shine to Philippe Basson, the French manager of the Odysseo project. They work well together training dressage horses to do the routines with time sensitivity to prevent show dislocations and she stays behind for a week in Quebec. Forewarned by Morgan Stanley that Phillippe was impotent and is not the father of his two children, Dan´s concern becomes Jennifer´s response when she discovers this. He draws this to Donna's attention since she chose Jennifer for the job. Donna concludes that a Spanish national, Xavier, working with Phillippe would know what to do. Dan goes to see Jennifer at her barn upon her return from Quebec. She acknowledges her disappointment with Phillippe, saying that she has no more than a platonic professional relationship with Xavier and would like to take Dan up on his glib earlier remark to help her make the children she obviously craved having. In awe of her equestrian abilities and strong personality, Dan accepts her invitation and spends the night with her. It goes well beyond either of their expectations and creates a permanent bond. They agree to take on the services of Xavier from Cavalia to help Jennifer establish a training barn in Southern California to fulfill the dressage horse needs for the first American show of Odysseo in Phoenix, Arizona, while also training horses in Columbus for fill-in and future Odysseo show needs.

In the meantime, Dan and his trusted engineering manager, Peter, focus their attention on future trends in the trade show business away from large show venues to much more dynamic meetings along technology lines. Peter had hired a brilliant young consultant, Doris Woodruff, with the help of John Meeker, to develop a strategy for the future.