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The attempted sale of Monica to the Arabian Sheik discloses the purchase of a controlling interest in the casino by recently released Mafia members previously imprisoned in New York. The prosecutor indicts them for illegally trafficking in women held in bondage, her objective being to keep organized crime out of gaming interests in Nevada. With very strong assistance from the company in Montreal, Dan has to raise the money to acquire the shares held by the underworld figures.

The focus shifts towards creating a Créche type educational institution to serve the offspring of professionally worthy mothers from six months of age on to high school levels and beyond. It involves the establishment of a summer camp facility on a beautiful lake in the Laurentian Mountains and a specialized private boarding school in Columbus, Ohio.

Depressed by their location in Somis, a remote part of Ventura County, Xavier urges Dan go to Jennifer's barn and after working with her beloved show horse, calls her to let him respond to her voice. She lights up like a candle and begs him to visit her soon. He has her meet him at Burbank Airport to drive him to Joe Green´s mothers´s address in Pasadena. Totally surprised by his visit, the mother is quick to deny mourning her son´s loss and tells them how he took his girlfriend to a nudist club where they swapped partners after watching sexual interludes on video to emulate with their partners. On one occasion she winds up with her son as partner and refuses to swing with anyone else, whereupon he summarily drops her. Looking at Dan's calling card, she asks him why he bothered to come all that distance to see her. Jennifer´s response was deathly silence until they stopped at a health food store thirty miles away when she embraced and passionately kisses Dan between the rows of organic vegetables.

Monica and Robert finally arrive home in Columbus where Dan initiates a long process of bringing Monica back to a normal existence by helping instruct her up to the academic standards necessary to ultimately become the principal of the Créche. To Dan the resurrection of Monica to lead a happy productive life, surmounts all of his other lofty ambitions.

Morgan Stanley brings to Dan´s attention the plight of the Frenchman, Philippe´s wife Isabel, who has two children by other fathers, since Philippe is impotent, which Dan already knew from Jennifer. In fact, he knew that her daughter, most likely fathered by Xavier, had emotional problems, supposedly being handled by a physician in Monterrey, Mexico. At Isabel´s requests Dan spirits her away to Mont Tremblant to impregnate her to have a healthy new child. Under his spell Dan convinces her to bring her baby daughter to be cured by a neighbor woman with remarkable psychological powers. Next, he brings Monica up to stay at the lodge with Isabel and her little daughter, knowing full well that Monica would open like a flower to the child.

Next on the agenda was their preparation for the forthcoming meeting in Monterrey to settle on the criteria for the design of a system to prevent horses from piling up because of response time differences between larger and smaller breeds of horses on the course. Being a servo dynamic expert, Donna takes on a major role in guiding the process during the Mexican meetings which succeed more out of respect for Donna bridging the gap between the Canadian and Mexican contingents than any other reason.

By then the architecture practice was expanding rapidly in several futuristic directions, including the evolution of trade conferences and shows conducted globally by electronic means. Donna takes the initiative to enter Dan and Doris Woodruff to participate in a major three-day conference in Houston on the future of trade shows, knowing full well that Doris would take the initiative to establish a romantic relationship with Dan, her husband. Doris holds out for an agreement that would leave her with up to six children in return for not having any other romantic relationships. She agreed to aid and abet Donna´s wish that Dan have no further child spawning ventures. She takes the lead in deciding which sessions to participate in. In part, they happen to correspond with meetings where she was assigned to speak. Their influence on the trends of new directions begin to win favor to Dan's amazement, especially considering how frequently they were absent making love for Doris to learn the optimal way of securing an undeniable relationship with Dan.

Having researched all available avenues for Monica to acquire her teaching credentials, Dan takes on the task of designing a much more modern learning system for teachers and by using his earlier innovations in architectural teaching at the same university as leverage, he gains the approbation of an important professor to experiment with Monica. She proves to be every bit as intelligent as he knew she was in spite of her sordid start in life and through diligent training he knew that it was was possible to qualify her to assume the leadership of the school reasonably soon. Selfishly, Dan looks forward to Monica giving birth to his first ever child /p>