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Love in the shadow of Apartheid-Teresa, is a romantic novel set in the early post WWII years of National Party rule in South Africa under which legislation was enacted to provide a legal basis for continuing the customary racial discrimination practiced in the colonies of the British Empire. Inspired by the non-violet resistance demonstrated in Natal Province by Mahatma Gandhi, the traditionally left-leaning student leadership at the University was up in arms.

Into this rebellious scene, Theo Valkenburg, with an uncle leading the National Party in the Transvaal Province, is elected to the Student Representative Council and is given the task of chairing the RAG committee charged with student activities to raise funds for University-sponsored charities. He is smitten with beautiful dramatic arts student, Teresa, and is fascinated by her stunning Auntie Mame-like mother, Louise. The courtship blossoms and to promote their love affair Theo urges Teresa to run for election as RAG Queen. Set to be celebrated and admired, they come under attack by radical elements from the rival Afrikaans medium university in Pretoria. What seem like student pranks turn into serious attacks by a group calling themselves the White Supremacists and begins involving law enforcement and ultimately the special forces of the Civil Intelligence Division. Through connections of his father at the American Embassy, Theo enlists the help of George Shaw, the head of America's US South African intelligence operations.

Repeated attempts are made on their lives during which Teresa is abducted and held for ransom. Theo with an American under-cover agent and the help of South African CID troops recover her in a harrowing gun battle on a remote, former militia base, causing Teresa and Theo to bond seriously. A Final attempt at abducting her from her family home traumatizes her. This is followed by Theo being expelled from the country, which he hopes only temporarily suspends their romantic relationship.