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In spite of the loss of Anake, André continues to expand their equestrian production business to include a new grand facility in Santa Ynez and several important facilities around Wellington, Florida. In this endeavor he is greatly assisted by Renata who agrees to marry him in spite of his ironclad loyalty to Madison who progresses rapidly from puberty into womanhood with astounding dressage achievements along the way. Together, André and Renata expand the company´s board of directors to include Brian and Laura Forester, a very influential financial couple in Illinois, to work alongside Anake´s friends, John and Mary Murchison.

Prematurely advanced, Madison, convinces André to become her mentor and to father her children as a bonus for setting new score records to qualify at 4th level in Del mar, near San Diego. Laura Forester and Renata support their unconventional relationship. Renata's Brazilian father,Carlos, convinces Renata and André to come to Rio de Janeiro to formalize their marriage for the sake of her Brazilian family and to visit San Paolo to meet with prominent members of the Brazilian Horse Show community.

Anake´s Rolf contracts with the World Wild Life Fund to save the Siberian wolves and bears and André prevails on Anake´s psychiatrist to release her to join Rolf in this enterprise while he works on an agreement with an Australian dressage aspirant living in Germany with her Danish Olympian husband to join forces with Anake to participate in a range of European championship dressage shows. Despite the negative response from Madison and Renata, this works out well and with the active training help of Renata, freestyle choreography assistance by Madison and André´s final boost several days before important European championship shows, Anake is placed in serious contention for a seat on the US Olympic Dressage Team. This culminates in a spectacular upset of the leading Dutch female dressage queen on her home turf by Anake, which causes the US Equestrian Federation to offer her a berth on the Olympic team, which André declines in favor of her competing for a place on the team at Gladstone where she succeeds spectacularly - all without once removing her tinted spectacles.

With the stakes that high André involves himself in Anake´s training in England right down to the wire of her Grand Prix Freestyle performance which earns her an Olympic gold medal, and places her beyond reproach, able to appear in public without her spectacles and regains Andréa permanent place in her heart.