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Love takes us through the author's first serious romance at University.

Sharon relates to his banishment to McGill University in Canada.

Inge covers the principal part of his life in America

Dressage1 is the first half of "In the fast lane of Championship Horse Shows", a story about equestrian, Anake Wolmerans, who loses much of her eye sight in a Show Jumping accident and with the dedicated help of Andre' Brink, her trainer, goes on to become a phenomenal dressage rider.

Dressage2, the second half of "In the fast lane of Championship Horse Shows", carries the narrative into international competition ending with a Gold Medal at the British Olympic Games.

Die "Die for me Argentina" is a heart-renting story set in Tucumàn Province during what has become known as "The Dirty War".

Sadism Begins a sexually charged trilogy set in Las Vegas when architect Dan Johnson is compelled by circumstances to hire Monica to satisfy the demands of his client for sexual favors. They become enamored with each other in spite of their widely different concepts of morality. To make things more palpable she sets her fees at top courtesan levels.

Love Moderates circumstances by moving the heart of activities to Columbus, Ohio, as Dan agrees to marry matron, Donna, a highly competent engineer and manager. Gradually the excesses of Vegas fade into the background.

Consequences Brings Monica back to a sensible existence and sharply focuses Dan's business thrust on future developments.

Foster care relates to The Foster Care Dilemma, Inc., designed to enlighten the public about unfavorable conditions in which far too many foster children find themselves. The book is now in it's third edition and is planned to reach larger audiences in subsequent, more compelling, editions.

Collections of poems by Joyce Wilson Magoulas, so far: "Ojai Impressions" and "Here and There"

"Unheared Voices, Journal of a Psychiatric Nurse" nursing recollections of Liz Otterbein