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All but the last of ten book titles on the web site are fictional novels and are commercially available from Amazon/Books in print as well as in ebook formats. Search under the author name "Johan Wasseanaar" and/or by book title listed above.

We also maintain a Facebook page at Wassenaar and am upgrading our page as well.

For more curious patrons, the content of each book is succinctly described on this website. We hope you will enjoy these presentations.

"The Foster Care Dilemma" described here is obviously not a novel and for readers more interested in this subject we have created a separate web site at ""

As a member of a ceative writers association I have participated in the creation and publication of several books by other authors.

Most noteworthy are two anthologies of poems by Joyce Wilson Magoulas, entitled "Ojai Impressions" and "Here and There" and the compelling book by Liz Otterbein entitled "Unheard Voices, Journal of a Psychiatric Nurse". These are also available in print and on-line from Amazon/Books.